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Whole wheat flour (atta) 2 cups + for dusting

Cauliflower large 2-3 florets

Salt to taste

Carom seeds (ajwain) 1/2 teaspoon

Spinach puree 1/4 cup

Oil 1 tablespoon + for shallow frying

Onion 1 medium

Green chilli 1

Red chilli powder a pinch


1. Place atta in a large bowl. add salt, carom seeds and spinach puree and mix well. Knead into a medium soft dough using sufficient water and 1 tbsp oil. Set aside for 15-20 minutes.

2. Divide the dough into equal portions and shape into pedas.Grate cauliflower florets into a bowl. Finely chop onion and green chilli and add. Add red chilli powder and mix mashing lightly.

3. Add 1 tsp atta to the cauliflower mixture and mix well. Set aside.Roll out each peda, dusting with atta, into a small roti.

4. Press the edges lightly. Place a spoonful of the cauliflower mixture in the centre and bring the edges together to seal and form into a peda once again.

5. Dust with a little atta and set aside for 5-10 minutes. Heat a non-stick tawa. Roll out the stuffed pedas into a parantha dusting with very little atta.

6. Place on the heated tawa and cook on medium heat with little oil till both sides are evenly cooked and golden. Serve hot with yogurt and pickle. 


Ingredients –
Poha/ Chooda/ Flattened rice – 3 fistfuls (1 for each person)
For tempering –
Rai / Mustard seeds – 1 tsp
Jeera / Cumin seeds – Half tsp
Saunf/ Fennel seeds – Half tsp
Heeng / Asafoetida powder – 1 tsp
Green chilies – 1, cut to half and slit lengthwise
Oil – 3 tsp
Haldi / Turmeric powder – Half tsp
Salt – as per taste
Sugar – half tsp / as pr taste
Lemon juice – of 1 lemon
Aaloo / potato – 1 small (peeled and cut into very small pieces)
Pyaj / Onion – 1 big (peeled and cut into very small pieces)
Sev / Bhujiya / Namkeen / Boondi/ chopped onion/ cilantro leaves – for garnishing (optional)

Method –
1. First Put the poha in a sieve/colander/ chalni and wash the poha gently. You don’t have to do this for more than a few seconds. Keep the colander in a tilted position so that excess water drains out and the poha is soft and soaked – but not soggy.
2. Heat oil in a heavy bottomed wok/ kadhai.
3. Once hot, throw in the ingredients in the ‘for tempering’ list.
4. Add in the very finely chopped pyaj. Let this cook till soft and starts to brown.
5. While the pyaj is cooking, add the salt, sugar and lemon juice to the soaked poha and mix gently with your fingers, lest it all breaks up all forms a lump. Taste and adjust the seasoning.
6. Once the pyaj is cooked, add in the potato pieces. Add in haldi at this stage too. Let the potato cook till soft.
7. Once done, switch off the gas and add the poha. Mix all of it till all the poha turns yellow – an indicator that all of it uniformly mixed up. Do this very gently, there is no rush anyways – the gas is off.
8. .Now, we cook this further on steam. Heat water in a bhagona/ patili / pot (water half filled). Once steam starts to come out, place the kadhai filled with poha on it. Cover the poha and let this cook for 10 minutes. Even if you want to keep it warm till the entire family has had it’s share of hot breakfast, you can keep the gas on on slow flame – this keeps the poha warm.
9. While serving, garnish with whatever you like. As the poha is as it is not very spicy, the bhujia/ sev adds the zing.

500 g fish darne (preferably singhara or any round fish)
2 tsp salt
1 no lemon
50 g ginger paste
50 g garlic paste
1 ½ cup besan (gram flour)
½ cup corn flour
2 tsp ajwain (Bishop’s Weed)
1 tsp heeng (Asafoetida)
2 tsp turmeric
2 tsp red chilli powder
1 tsp kastoori methi (dry fenugreek leaves)
1 tsp jeera (cumin) powder
1 Tbsp mustard powder
1 no egg
½ cup water
2 nos green chilli, small
2 Tbsp fresh coriander
oil for frying
chaat masala to sprinkle

1) Marinate fish with salt, lemon, ginger paste and garlic paste. Leave aside for 15 minutes.
2) Separately take besan and corn flour in paraat and add all spices and salt. Chaat masala is to be used only to sprinkle over fried fish.
3) Make well and break 1 egg; mix in gently and add a little water. Add chopped green chillies and freshly chopped coriander. Make thick marinade.
4) Heat oil in kadai and when medium hot, dip the shighara in marinade and deep fry in oil. Take out when half cooked and let it rest for 5 minutes. Finish all fish pieces in the same process.
5) Now heat oil again and fry again to get a crisper outside with light brown colour.
6) Take out on absorbent paper and sprinkle with chaat masala.


For Kofta :-

Mutton, boneless 1 kg.
Onions 2 nos.
Besan (roasted) 2 1/2
Egg 1 no.
Ginger, finely cut 2″ piece
Green chilies cut 6 nos.
Green chili chopped 11/2″piece
Red chili powder 1 tsp.
Salt To Taste
Oil for frying.

For curry :-
Onions 3 nos.
Garlic 3-5 cloves
Ginger 1 1/2″inch piece.
Haldi powder 1tsp.
Tomatoes, boiled & skinned 1 cup.
Coriander leaves 2 tsps.
Red chili powder 1 tsp.
Garam masala 1 tsp.
Salt To tast1.


For the koftas, mince the meat with all the
other ingredients.
2.Remove the mixture and shape into balls.
3.Deep fry these balls till golden brown and
keep aside.
4.For the curry, fry the onions, garlic and
ginger till golden brown.
5.Add the rest of the curry ingredients with
enough water to make a gravy.
6.Bring to a boil, add the fried koftas and
simmer for 45 mins.
7.Garnish with chopped coriander leaves
before serving.


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